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Godoy Method of cellulite treatment

When we analyzed the pathophysiological aspects of cellulite, we identified that they are multifactorial. Thus, we need to know the histopathological changes in the pathophysiological process. In this evaluation, we identify that one of these processes occurs in the interstitial space where the lymphatic and venous systems are responsible for the functional dynamics.

At this pathophysiological stage, the Godoy Method is effective in the treatment of cellulite. However, when we began to diagnose cellulite, we observed that sufferers commonly have other associated pathophysiological processes that affect the cutaneous and subcutaneous structures. Of note are obesity, lipedema, lymphedema, and edema in general in particular idiopathic cyclic edema.

Thus, the real changes in the cutaneous and subcutaneous structures are multifactorial and not related to the cellulite itself. In 2003, Godoy & Godoy created the concept of cellulite complex and cellulite aspect. Cellulite complex correlates to pathophysiological processes that are not specific to cellulite and cellulite aspect to identify the immediate appearance.

Godoy & Godoy discovered that approximately 50% of cases of Class III and IV edematous cellulite are associated with idiopathic cyclic edema. If the idiopathic cyclic edema is untreated, it is impossible to treat the cellulite, lymphedema or lipedema. In view of all these aspects, the great difficulty in the diagnosis and treatment of cellulite is the lack of knowledge of all the pathophysiological processes affecting the subcutaneous structures. The orange peel appearance may be due solely to cyclic edema and not to cellulite.

Thus, Godoy & Godoy recommend that all pathophysiological processes that interfere in the cutaneous and subcutaneous structures should be diagnosed so that the correct treatment is provided. Otherwise, the treatment will invariably be a failure. The Godoy Method works only for the treatment of cellulite and does not improve obesity, altered permeability and other pathophysiological processes.

The Godoy Method in the treatment of cellulite includes lymph drainage techniques developed by Godoy & Godoy - Manual Lymphatic Therapy, Cervical Lymphatic Therapy and Mechanical Lymphatic Therapy.