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Cervical Lymphatic Therapy (Cervical Stimulation)

This is a new concept of lymphatic system stimulation developed by Godoy & Godoy. It uses around 20 to 30 gentle manual stimuli per minute in the cervical region for 15 to 20 minutes per day. This action does not aim to stimulate vessels, lymph nodes or any lymphatic structure directly.

The hypothesis is that this maneuver stimulates the lymphatic system neurologically. Therefore, this is a very different concept of manual lymphatic drainage. Clinical studies show that edema throughout the entire body is reduced using this technique. Children with primary congenital lymphedema are the patients who benefit the most from this technique. Currently, there are dozens of children who have reduced the amount of edema and maintained the results just by using this technique.

Patients can benefit from this approach in preoperative and postoperative periods and can even use it immediately after procedures. A rapid response is seen using this technique to treat edema of the face with large reductions within days.