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Precautions in Lymphedema

Preventing complications is as important as lymphedema treatment. The prevention of erysipelas, the worst aggravating factor of lymphedema is one of the most important precautions. Thus, whenever the skin is injured, the patient should seek medical advice as soon as possible for prophylaxis against erysipelas.

Other precautions are related to myolymphokinetic exercises and activities of daily living where repetitive movements that require force and the time that movements are performed should be analyzed. Myolymphokinetic exercises and activities can be beneficial or cause further damage to the lymphatic system. As for daily myolymphokinetic activities, patients must receive guidance from an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or other professional who specializes in lymphedema in respect to how to perform the movements. A free booklet is available for breast cancer survivors in the Godoy Site ( which will help in relation to all the care sufferers should take.

It is important to remember that exercises can be beneficial or aggravate the lymphedema. It is common in the daily practice to find patients who have been well for years but develop lymphedema after inappropriate exercises without specialized guidance. Therefore, in doubt I recommend you do not do a specific exercise.


  • Precautions in Lymphedema
  • Precautions in Lymphedema
  • Precautions in Lymphedema