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Lymphedema Treatment

The Godoy & Godoy Method uses different techniques to treat lymphedema. These techniques include Manual Lymphatic Therapy, Mechanical Lymphatic Therapy, Cervical Lymphatic Therapy (cervical stimulation), myolymphokinetic activities and exercises, contention and compression mechanisms (stockings and sleeves made of grosgrain fabric, elastic stockings and sleeves and different types of bandages) and lymphoactive drugs.

These forms of treatment may be used alone or in combinations. Treatment time can vary from one hour per week to eight hours or more per day.

In Class I, II and III lymphedema, two factors must be analyzed: in what time span does the patient and doctor want to normalize the edema? From this point, it is possible to establish the best form of therapy.

The most important fact to remember is that the size of all lymphedematous limbs, including those affected by elephantiasis, can be reduced to normal or nearly normal. This is fundamental and all patients should reach this goal. When the size is normal, the Godoy & Godoy Method offers the possibility of wearing elastic stockings or sleeves which facilitates the life of the patient. Studies by Godoy & Godoy show that elastic stockings in isolation can maintain the size of the limb normal for some time. However, an association with Manual or Mechanical Lymphatic Therapy is required to maintain the limb without swelling for longer periods.