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Mechanical Lymphatic Therapy (RAGodoy®)

The development of the RAGodoy device followed the creation of a new concept of mechanical lymph drainage, which employs physiological mechanisms based on muscle work. Muscle movements physiologically exert a pressure known as vis-a-latere that potentiates the formation and drainage of lymph.

One advantage of this device is that has been adapted to provide several hours of treatment per day thus allowing intensive therapy. In this way, a new concept was created in the therapeutic approach to lymphedema.

The development of a similar device for the arms allowed the treatment of breast cancer-related lymphedema. Its indication respects the pathophysiological aspects of this type of lymphedema and allows important reductions of edema in these patients. This device can be used in cases of inguinal lymph node dissection.

Another indication of this type of treatment is in the postoperative period of orthopedic surgeries, more specifically knee surgeries, allowing a quick reduction in the pain and edema and improving joint mobility. It can also be employed in the postoperative recovery after aesthetic surgeries as well as for other conditions.